Bridging the energy of the earth’s natural minerals and the intrinsic strength of Woman, Navagio encapsulates a holistic approach to stimulating and enhancing well-being through elated experiences.

Inspired by requests from brides to introduce natural stones into their couture designs, we have designed a special selection of the Navagio Collection that is magnified with a sense of love and positivity. Using ethically sourced natural stones including clear and rose quartz, amethyst and moon stone – our collection promotes and stimulates well-being, health and happiness in it’s own unique form.

Handmade crowns are infused with touch and therefore offer a sense of the ‘authentic’ in an ‘inauthentic’ world. They instantly offer a connection to the maker through the skill and learning in their construction and the materials used such as amethyst which promotes emotional and physical calmness.

Feel the love, ambience and wanderlust of Navagio – bridal crowns and accessories by Ashlee Lauren.

Bridal Crowns / Headpieces: Ashlee Lauren
Photography: Gretl Watson-Blazewicz
Stylist: Chris Kontos/Kellie Nobes
Make-up: Katie Fox
Hair Stylist: Bridget Stubbings
Dresses: Couture Love Madness / Jenny and Gerry’s / Alexis George / Acler
Models: Beck Hume, Kiarra Jeromin / Mitta Bolto
Assistance: Dani Tucker / Jess Hayes