Product Care


ASHLEE LAUREN millinery items are extremely limited; each piece is handmade and is a piece of contemporary art. So with that in mind you must expect some slight variations in design, however our goal is to make the headpiece the same as the design you order or to the custom design brief.

When you receive your headpiece, please treat it as a fragile item as some materials will not withstand impact. You must also be aware that any kinds of environmental factors such as hairspray can effect the metals or leather so please keep them away from your headpiece.

If you have received your headpiece and it is has been broken in the mail, please contact us immediately.

For all jewellery items, please ensure you have no allergic reactions to metals. All of ASHLEE LAUREN jewellery is made from stainless steel and has some silver plating. If you have an allergic reaction to either of these metals then we advise not to purchase or wear them. There are no refunds on jewellery.

We hope you love your ASHLEE LAUREN item and look forward to seeing you next time!